Daily News- 12th June 2017


Daily News- 12th June 2017

GST Council decides to lower rates on 66 items

Iran sends five planes with food for Qatar

Climate change may cause more rainfall in the tropics

  • Study done by NASA
  • Most global climate models underestimate decreases in high clouds over the tropics seen in recent NASA observations, according to research led by scientist Hui Su of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in the U.S.
  • Globally, rainfall is not related just to the clouds that are available to make rain but also to the Earth’s “energy budget” — incoming energy from the Sun compared to outgoing heat energy.
  • High-altitude tropical clouds trap heat in the atmosphere. If there are fewer of these clouds in the future, the tropical atmosphere will cool. Judging from observed changes in clouds over recent decades, it appears that the atmosphere would create fewer high clouds in response to surface warming. It would increase tropical rainfall, which would warm the air to balance the cooling from high cloud shrinkage.